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Hawthorn Gardens Garden & Gift Store
24481 N. Old McHenry Road
Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047
Located on the SW corner of Old McHenry and Quentin

Phone (847) 726-0627

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If you are coming from out of state!

Take the next available flight to O’Hare Field, after you rent a car turn left, just ahead you will see a ramp for 190 to Chicago, you will not be on that road long and you will see an exit for Interstate 94 north to Wisconsin. Before you know it you will come to the Route 22 exit, head west for around 5 miles just past Route 83 is Old McHenry Road. Turn right and go north for about 2 miles and there it is Hawthorn Gardens on the southwest corner of Old McHenry and Quentin Roads, Downtown Hawthorn Woods.