Firewood That Burns

As of 1/6/21, we have mixed hardwood firewood available for pick up or delivery. We are still offering 50/50 mix (oak & birch)

Prices are listed below

At this time we are offering Mixed Hardwoods
Prices for firewood are listed below. These prices reflect orders that are picked up here at the garden center. Delivery charges are listed below.

Dump Delivery (Zone 1) $40.00

Dump Delivery (Zone 2) $55.00

Dump Delivery (Zone 3) UPON REQUEST

Stacking $25.00 per face cord

(Please note there is an additional charge of $15.00 per stair per face cord for stacking on raised decks; Example: 2 Face Cords + 6 Stairs = $180.00)

Our Woodhaven firewood racks come in two different sizes, with covers to keep your wood dry and ready to burn.